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opal drops

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the opal drop earrings were a design that I started exploring in early 2020. I made a handful of pairs that sold pretty quickly, and I was so stoked because it was my first 'popular' product. fast forward to now and I am revisiting some of my old work, with the goal of making them better (and in this case, a little bigger, too!)

these babies feature the last pair of opal doublets that I've been hanging onto for years, I guess they were waiting for these earrings!
they're beautifully high quality; mined and cut by hand, by one guy, from a long line family of miners and cutters in australia.

every bit of metal is solid, recycled 925 silver and of course they were put together by my two hands, in my home studio. so much care goes into finicky makes like this, I just love the process.

length top of hook to bottom; 61mm

weight; 4.5gram, each earring